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Have you or a loved one been charged with a crime in St. Lucie County, Florida? If you have answered "yes," it will be to your benefit to seek legal advice and guidance immediately. An attorney experienced in providing aggressive, personalized criminal defense counsel will be able to protect your interests in this important matter. You may currently be the subject of a criminal investigation by St. Lucie law enforcement or may have already been arrested and charged with a crime. Regardless of the stage of your case or severity of your charges, a criminal lawyer may make a significant difference in the final outcome of your case.

Criminal allegations are extremely serious. If you are convicted, you may face the loss of your freedom and certain rights. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer you will be protecting yourself from the start. There are several strong legal stances in which an attorney may take in the effort to either have charges lowered or dismissed right from the beginning of a criminal case. In addition, an attorney will be able to take over all communication that may take place with law enforcement, investigators and the prosecuting attorney. This can be extremely helpful with negotiations and in challenging any evidence the prosecution is planning on using against you.

We have two convenient office locations in both Stuart and Port St. Lucie to provide the best possible service for our clients.

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Criminal Defense Attorney for St. Lucie, Florida Criminal Cases

At David Golden, P.A., we protect the legal rights of clients facing criminal allegations in state court. We also represent clients under the age of 18 in juvenile court. Whether this is your first offense or if you are a multiple offender we can lead you in the right direction and work to protect your future. Providing criminal defense counsel means that your attorney must have the know-how and experience to build an effective strategy as well as the resources to fully investigate your case and expose weaknesses in the prosecution's evidence or testimony against you. We have more than 20 years of legal experience as well as access to private investigators and expert witnesses to act on your behalf. Along with our commitment to personalized, one-on-one attention we are confident in our ability to properly handle your case.

Please contact a criminal defense attorney today if you or a loved one has been arrested or charged with any type of crime in St. Lucie, Fort Pierce or Hutchinson Island. Some of the types of cases we can handle include, but are not limited to DUI, boating under the influence, and drug charges, including drug possession, drug trafficking, cultivation, doctor shopping, and prescription drug crimes. Our law firm takes on cases involving white collar crimes, including identity theft, mail fraud, bank fraud, wire fraud, counterfeiting, money laundering, and more. Call our office immediately after being arrested to learn more about your rights and the options you face.

When a person is arrested on violent crime charges, such as for assault or battery, they will experience a harsh investigation by state or federal authorities. It is important to exercise your Fifth Amendment rights, the right to remain silent and right to an attorney, immediately after your arrest. Arrests or even investigations for crimes such as sexual offenses, theft charges, and domestic violence, will be difficult and complex. Having an attorney present during matters involving the police is suggested. Our law firm also handles cases related to internet charges, such as internet sex crimes, and all misdemeanor and felony crimes. We can help you with post-conviction matters if you have been accused of probation violation.

If you choose to work with the legal team at our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that you have a legal heavyweight looking out for your best interests at every step of the way. We understand the importance that the outcome of this case will have on the rest of your life and we are therefore unwaveringly devoted to ensuring that you receive the legal assistance that you truly deserve. You can trust that if you work with us that we will go the distance in our efforts to help you; we will truly leave no stone unturned as we fight for you.

This is not the time to entrust your future into the hands of a lawyer that you do not completely trust, so do not make this mistake. Work with a lawyer at our firm and be confident knowing that you have years of experience backing you up, as well as a track record that speaks for itself. Our firm is "AV"- Rated by Martindale-Hubbell. This is a recognition only given to a small percentage of attorneys across the nation. It is the highest rating available ("A" meaning the highest legal ability and "V" meaning the highest ethical standards.) Please contact our firm today to schedule a free case consultation if you or a loved one is in need of experienced defense for criminal charges in St. Lucie, Florida.

Contact a Port St. Lucie criminal defense attorney at our offices today to discuss your particular case and how we can help you.

Our firm handles criminal cases throughout St. Lucie, Port St. Lucie, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island, Lakewood Park and Okeechobee.

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