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Why a Criminal Attorney?

When faced with a criminal matter, a defendant, arrestee or suspect in an investigation may wonder whether to hire a Lakewood Park criminal defense attorney. This is an important issue to consider. When you take into account the dramatic impact that a conviction or even formal charges or an arrest may have on your reputation, career and employment, it is evident that you should do what you can to ensure your legal rights are protected. This is precisely where a lawyer comes into the picture.

You may currently be under investigation by law enforcement in the Lakewood Park area or may have already been charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense. At any stage of your case, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can develop a strategy that is aimed toward creating a positive impact. This may mean limiting a police investigation against you, conducting an independent investigation, negotiating with the prosecuting attorney, representing you at your bail hearing, helping you determine whether to accept a plea bargain, challenging evidence or litigating your case in criminal court. In any of these phases of your case, an experienced legal professional can properly advise you and can protect your rights to the fullest extent of the U.S. Constitution.

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Our law firm handles criminal cases for clients throughout Lakewood Park and the surrounding areas in Florida. We take on cases that involve DUI, drug crimes, sex offenses, assault, violent crimes, white collar crimes, internet offenses, domestic violence and juvenile crimes. We welcome you to contact our firm for a confidential consultation and review of your particular criminal charges so we can determine how to best assist you.

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