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St. Lucie Criminal Defense

St. Lucie Criminal Defense Attorney

Protecting the Rights of St. Lucie Residents

If you've been accused of a crime, you understand that finding serious legal representation is absolutely necessary to secure your future.  You may have bright plans for your future, such as college, a career or a family, or you may already be well into those plans.  A criminal conviction in St. Lucie can only destroy your dreams and change the path you are on, no longer allowing you to achieve everything you set out to do when you were younger.  However, with the help of a seasoned criminal defense lawyer, you may find your future to be conviction free.

At one law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of their clients who have been accused of a crime in St. Lucie, the legal team acts as zealous advocates for their clients' freedom and best interests.  Now doesn't this sound like someone you'd like to have by your side at a time of need?  Here at David Golden, P.A., our St. Lucie criminal defense attorneys are intimately experienced and well-versed in all aspects of criminal law.  We invite you to take advantage of our extensive knowledge of the law and apply it to your recent criminal accusation.

Whether you are facing DUI, BUI, drug charges, prescription drug crime, doctor shopping, white collar crimes, violent crimes, assault, sexual offenses, internet charges in St. Lucie, internet sex crimes, probation violation, theft charges, juvenile crimes, domestic violence, misdemeanors or felonies, a legal advocate at our firm is professional and ready to take on virtually any case.

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At our firm, we have made an unparalleled commitment to our clients to keep their best interests in mind as we fight to procure their freedom.  We thrive on helping you keep your goals within reach and out of jail.

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